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We have 12 convenient locations in the Rochester, NY and Pittsburgh, PA areas. Click on our locations page for complete addresses, directions, maps and photos.
We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At our Munhall and Uniontown locations, however, we are open 5 a.m. until 11 p.m. daily.
We offer an in bay touch-free automatic using the LaserWash G5 process.
The automatic takes up to 7 minutes, depending on the level you choose.

We offer four price ranges for the in bay touch-free automatic car wash.

  • $15 Platinum Car Wash with Hot Wax & Shine
  • $12 Supreme Car Wash
  • $11 Ultimate Car Wash
  • $9 Express Car Wash

Click on Wash Packages to see what is included in each level of wash.

Yes! We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. We also accept debit cards. We offer automated payment centers that have a keypad similar to an ATM and are so simple to use. We accept cash up to a $20 bill. Change is given back in dollar bills.
Yes. Visit our Valued Customer Club page to make your purchases safely online by credit card.
The easiest! We have large, easy to read signs that will direct you through the process from the totally automated payment options to the actual wash experience. There are no conveyors or floor steel rails to line up with. You simply drive into our wide, open bays and we automatically do the rest! We offer the optimal experience with optimal results!
HELP numbers are posted at each of our LaserWash TouchFree CarWash locations. Call us if you need assistance of any kind.
Absolutely! We don’t touch your car, so we can’t scratch your car! Also, we use biodegradable soaps and waxes that are ph balanced and specially formulated for cars. Visit our Wash Packages page.
No, just the opposite! Our underbody blast will actually preserve the protective coating of your undercarriage, removing salt, sand and road contaminants that can damage the undercarriage of your car year round if not regularly washed.
No! Dishwashing detergents are designed to strip grease and grime and will actually strip off any wax protection your car has. The solutions used in our automatic and self-serve wash bays are specifically designed for cars.
Yes. SUVs, vans, and light duty trucks up to 7 feet tall including extended cab, 4 door and dual wheel pick-ups can be accommodated in our LaserWash bays thanks to the unique ability to size every vehicle with ultrasonic and infrared sensors.
No, there is no reason to be worried whatsoever. All antennas will absolutely not be damaged in any way by going through our carwash!
Washing your vehicle is very important. You must keep pollen, dust, dirt, salt and grime from adhering to the surface of your car and possibly damaging the paint. You should wash your car at least once a week to prevent damage and corrosion or more often when it rains or snows. During periods when the roads are salted and the temperature hovers around 32 degrees, wash your car every other day or so to prevent corrosion.
We have quarter operated vacuums at all of our locations for your use.  Certain vacuums also accept dollar bills.  At some locations, we also offer carpet shampooers and fragrance misters.  At Fox Chapel, Green Tree and North Huntingdon we have vending products available for purchase.  You will find items such as towels, interior  vehicle upholstery cleaning wipes and sponges, windshield and tire cleaners, and air fresheners that will help you keep the interior of your vehicle clean and fresh!
We charge $1 for 4 minutes. Additional minutes can be purchased at the same rate.
Yes, the triple foam adds foaming polish with protectant which adds shine and aids in the drying process.  The clear coat protectant protects the paint surface against acid rain and UV rays, keeping your car cleaner longer.
Emissions from chemical plants, industrial fallout, surface contaminants and other organic and inorganic materials are all components of acid rain. When these elements are deposited on your car’s surface in a dry state, they appear as dust. When the dust gets wet, however, from dew or rain or snow, you now have a sulfuric acid mixture on your vehicle’s paint finish. If this is left on your car for any period of time, especially if left in direct sunlight, etching may occur on the finish. Damage from acid rain can range from slight discoloration to pitting. Regular professional car washing can prevent any damage to your car, protecting not only the appearance, but also the value!
Paint is designed to reflect light, which creates a shine. Ultraviolet rays damage paint and the way light is reflected. In addition to keeping your car out of sunlight as much as possible, washing your car regularly will minimize the oxidation process, greatly reducing the chances that the finish on your car will dull. We’ll help you keep your car shiny!
Our technologically advanced touchless equipment uses less water and less electricity than typical carwash equipment. We use biodegradable soaps and waxes.
Our motto is “we’ll make it right all the time, every time!”
Yes. We want to help with worthwhile community causes! Contact us to discuss your group’s specific needs.
Call or email us! You’ll find our contact information on the Contact page. In addition, our phone number and email address are posted at each car wash, and can also be found on your receipt. If you need assistance while at one of our car washes, the NEED HELP? phone number is clearly marked inside and outside of each bay. Click here to send us an email now.